How it Works/FAQ

How it works

Buy and Port Away your new number-

Local Phone Numbers are available to be purchased and ported to your telecom carrier.

  1. Select and pay for your new number

  2. Receive an email of the current account information within 24 hours

  3. Provide the account information to your telecom carrier 

  4. The number will be ported over to your account and ready for use in 3-7 business days


Local Numbers

How do I purchase a number?

You can purchase a local number by using our search feature. You can search by numbers or words. Search and select a phone number. After payment, you become the owner of the phone number. Toll-Free numbers are only available for license.

Do I own the number?

Yes, you become the owner of the number. We will provide the current account information within 24 hours.

Is this a one-time fee?

Yes. This is a one-time transfer fee and we will help “port” the phone number to your current telephone account.

How to “port” my new number to my account?

Contact your current telecom carrier with the account information we have provided. They will submit this information and begin the transfer process. 

How long does it take to port a number?

It typically takes 3-7 business days to port a number.

Toll-Free Numbers

How does licensing a toll-free number work?

Toll-Free numbers are available to be licensed. You do not own the phone number. You can use the number as your own while paying a monthly license fee. The calls will be forwarded to your phone number of choice.

How long is my licensing contract?

You can license a number month to month. You can cancel your lease at any time. There is no minimum or maximum time frame. 

How many toll-free numbers can I license?

You can license as many toll-free numbers that are needed. Contact us if you are interested in multiple numbers for discounted pricing. 

How do I pay my monthly bill?

We will invoice you the licensing cost at the beginning of every month. 

How do minutes work?

2000 free minutes are included when licensing a toll-free number. We charge an overage of $0.05/CPM. We will charge you at the beginning of every month if you go over 2000 minutes. If you plan on doing many minutes per month, contact us so we can offer our best package. 

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