A toll free number on your cell phone

Your online peanut butter business is literally going nuts with the volume of recent orders. The success is definitely exciting but surprising!

Shipping out to customers across the country, you’re spread beyond the point of using your personal cell phone for your callers to reach out with questions.

You’re considering a toll free number, but you still want to answer calls on your cell phone.

So, how do you sandwich the two together?

First off, a toll free number is a phone number with one of these codes:

  • 800
  • 833
  • 844
  • 855
  • 866
  • 877
  • 888

As we know them, toll free numbers are most commonly used for businesses.

The benefit to a toll free number for a business is that callers can dial to the number free of charge (depending on the caller’s provider, of course), no matter their location, and are not charged any long distance fees. This is great for companies that have customers around the country and do not want to charge their callers.

With many online small businesses running completely on a cell phone, giving out your personal, local number isn’t the most beneficial option, especially if you have customers in other states.
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